Introducing Royal Sound Bar

Introducing Royal Sound Bar

Most TV sets don’t really come with fantastic audio outputs. This is so because with TVs, the emphasis is more on visuals that audio. So, it’s very likely that you can have a world-class Smart TV with a sound output that is not out of the ordinary.

So, for the sound enthusiast, or anyone who really desires to hear excellent quality sound from their TVs, Laptops, iPods or even smart phones, there’s a solution for you and it’s the all NEW Royal Sound Bar Musical System!

No words can accurately describe the feeling you get when you connect your smart phone or TV to a Royal Sound Bar. We’re talking about Sound Power of 160W RSM or 1,600W PMPO. It’s like bringing the ambience of a cinema hall literally into your living room!

Everything comes alive!

The Royal Sound Bar is packaged in different models. Some models come with sub-woofers while others are simply built-in Sound Bars.

Complimented by its sound quality, the Royal Sound Bar also adds aesthetic value to any room with its sleek and uniquely designed form that fits smartly on your TV wall or shelf, just beneath the TV itself.

Connectivity is never an issue as the Royal Sound Bar gives you multiple options with Bluetooth technology, HDMI, USB & AUX controls. In addition, it comes with its own smart remote control.

Ultimately, words can never fully describe what you stand to gain when you connect to a Royal Sound Bar. You just have to feel it for yourself!

Go ahead and visit the nearest SIMS Digital Center or shop from SIMS Online Store at for your own Royal Sound Bar. Bring in the beat!