Royal Electronics Group Launches the New El-Picasso Air Conditioning Unit

Royal Electronics Group Launches the New El-Picasso Air Conditioning Unit

Digital Inverter, Wi-Fi function among others, offers the latest innovation in aircon technology.

LAGOS, November 15, 2020/ – Royal Electronics unveiled the Picasso 3HP floor standing air conditioner, as the latest addition to their line of premium A/Cs. Built to make meaningful innovations and create an awesome cooling experience for everyone, the new Royal Picasso A/C is packed with advanced features.

A digital inverter to help you save up to 70% on energy costs, Wi-Fi function to control your device on the go, extra long-distance air supply to cool big rooms faster, smart sleep mode for the best-regulated temperatures for restful sleep, and much more features to give you the ultimate experience in aircon technology.

“We’re excited to launch the new Picasso A/C from Royal and build on the success of the Royal Burj Khalifa A/C. Our mission is to continue to offer the vital innovations that people love in consumer electronics,” said Mr. Raja Rajesh, Head of Sales Operations at Royal Electronics Group.

We know that Nigerians want home appliances that perform excellently and make their daily lives easier. We’re proud to continue to deliver on those needs with the latest Royal Picasso air conditioner.” He said.

At the official unveiling ceremony of the Picasso A/C, SIMS exclusive distributors and some esteemed customers were invited to experience the functions and workability of the new Royal Picasso air conditioning unit.

Some of the features of the new Royal Picasso air conditioner include;

Digital Inverter

Maintain precise temperature control without consuming excess power. This energy-saving feature ensures economical operation and 70% savings on power consumption.

Wi-Fi Function

Monitor and control your Royal Picasso A/C from your smartphone or tablet. Anytime, anywhere. Save more on power when you schedule your A/C to come on and go off at pre-selected times.

Wider. Farther. Faster Cooling

Now you need only one A/C for bigger rooms. Extra long-distance air supply. Four-way swing. Super quiet operation. R410a Gas. Low voltage start-ups.

Smart Sleep Mode

Sustained optimal temperature for sleep all through the night or whenever activated for a perfectly restful sleep. Designed to be smarter for the optimal experience in AC technology.

Fab Uzor, the Executive Director Corporate Services at Sims Nigeria said, “Royal Electronics Group designed a masterpiece in air conditioner technology and we can’t wait for our customers to try it out.

With digital inverter technology, the Royal Picasso A/C is built to withstand heavy use and lower power consumption. Simply put, the new Royal Picasso aircon is built to perform better and last longer, which is why we are offering free installation to the first 20 people who buy the unit”, he said.

For more information about the new Royal Picasso air conditioner, please visit SIMS Digital Centers nationwide or online via www.simsng.com. The Royal Picasso is also available at leading stores nationwide.